Il Laboratorio di Pellicceria Artigianale Nipel, Our laboratory for the creation of made to measure furs, remittances, touching up repairs employs staff with decades of experience .
We specialize in creating high fashion garments with fine materials such as Minks, Chinchillas, Sables and special processes, with competence and passion. Creating articles of very high level.Within our laboratory we perform all the processing phases, from the study of the made to measure fur to the creation of samples ending by the fittings. Each stage is follewed with care and attention; we are always ready to satisfy our customers special or urgent requests.

N.B.:Furrier's shop NIPEL only uses furs from well selected farms in Northern Europe, North America and Canada that adhere to the terms of the Washington Convention in their treatment of animals.This convention prohibits the import and export of all animal and vegetable species declared in danger. For further information please visit: